Blue Horse Village

Blue Horse Village 


After finishing my work in the north, I returned to Pine Ridge, and Blue Horse hastened to visit me as before.

I became very much attach to him.

When I left he held my hand in both his and shook it warmly; his heart was too full of emotion to speak a word.

He realized that the chances were we would never see each other again. He died several years ago.

Foto door Alaxander Gardner (Siris) - Dietmar Schulte - Möhring

Foto door Alaxander Gardner (Siris) - Dietmar Schulte - Möhring

Foto: geen gegevens.

Foto genomen in 1900

Foto van Blue Horse genomen door E. Burbank.

Foto genomen van Blue Horse in 1907 door Edward Curtis.

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De derde man op de 1ste rij is Blue Horse

Foto genomen door Grahame Hout


Blue Horse

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